Lizar school kindergarten is a purpose built nursery situated on the grounds of Lizar School Naivasha. The nursery has ten beautiful spacious rooms.  Attached to them is access to our great outdoor play areas that fill the children with joy. Children benefit from indoor and outdoor activities, supervised at all times by the experienced and passionate staff team. We pride ourselves on the best care and we strive to encourage learning in all of our children through our unique Growing Programmes and extra activities.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Learning in Kindergarten is basically acquired through play activities. It is through these basic activities that children enhance various aspects of development which include: physical, psychomotor, cognitive, language, social, moral, spiritual, emotional, cultural and aesthetic development.

Thematic approach is used to    help our children acquire knowledge best when learning in the context of a coherent “whole,” and connect what they are learning to the real world.

 This approach  seeks to put the teaching of cognitive skills such as reading, Mathematics, Science, and Writing in the context of a real-world experience that is both specific enough to be practical, and broad to allow creative exploration.