In Fearing God, Wisdom Begins.
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primary lizar school naivasha

Welcome to Lizar Primary School.

Lizar School is running on the both the CBC {Grade 1-4} and the 8-4-4{STD 5-8} Curriculums

We have both  Day School {STD 1-5} and Boarding School {STD 3-8} facilities for Boys and Girls.

What makes Lizar Primary unique?

  • Excellent Day School and Boarding School Facilities
  • Hot Water Showers
  • A well Balanced Diet
  • Medical Services at the School Sanatorium
  • Active Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities.
  • Comfortable and Reliable Transport Services
  • Tight 24hrs Security with CCTV Surveillance.
  • Comprehensive Mentoring and Counselling Student Program.
  • Reasonable School Fees.
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